Preserving Chaco Canyon and the Greater Chaco Region

Nestled in the San Juan Basin in northwestern New Mexico is Chaco Canyon (recognized as the Chaco Culture National Historical Park) within the sacred landscape known as the Greater Chaco Region. Between 850 CE and 1250 CE, ancestral Pueblo people, who occupied Chaco Canyon over a span of 400 years, produced remarkable archeological structures and developed a complex civilization that included a network of roads, trade routes, and an in-depth knowledge of astronomy. These achievements continue to amaze modern scholars and experts. Following their time at Chaco Canyon, ancestral Pueblo people migrated to their present homelands, and these migration routes also hold many important cultural resources. Today, the Pueblos maintain deep cultural ties to Chaco Canyon and the Greater Chaco Region through pilgrimage, song, and prayer. The Greater Chaco Region holds profound cultural importance for many Indigenous people in the Southwest, including the Pueblos, the Hopi Tribe, the Navajo Nation, and other Indian Tribes, affirming Chaco Canyon and the Greater Chaco Region’s rich heritage and unparalleled significance.


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