“We Are Still Here and We will Always Be Here”

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The Officers of the All Pueblo Council of Governors made the following joint statement Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day:

“Today, on Indigenous Peoples Day, we recognize the incredible strength, beauty, and wisdom each of our Pueblo Nations holds. Our Nations are a culmination of lesbian, gays, trans, and queer and cisgender women, men, and children who are premier scholars, crafts people, policy experts, artisans, engineers and experts in their own ways – all of whom use the Gifts of the Creator to sustain our Nations in the maintenance of our precious traditions, cultures, and the languages of Keres, Tewa, Tiwa, Towa, and Zuni. Since time immemorial, we have held this collective ingenuity to steward the incredible places like Chaco, Bears Ears, and Mesa Verde and our very Pueblos of today. To our Peoples, may you continue to exemplify the beauty of our ancestors and make our unborn proud, we love you all and happy Indigenous Peoples Day to everyone!”

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